Trucheck™ Essential Man is a blood test that can detect cancer in men

Trucheck™ Essential Man is a blood-based Multi-Cancer screening test designed for asymptomatic men. It is designed to detect a combination of the most lethal and incident cancers among men, based on data from the National Cancer Registry. This innovative test employs Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) for the early detection of lung, prostate, colorectal, pancreatic, and oesophagus cancers in men. These cancers collectively account for 56% of all cancer-related deaths and 52% of the most common incident cancers among men in Ireland.

Criteria to take the test:

  • Men above 40 years of age, who have never been diagnosed with any cancer.
  • Totally asymptomatic at present
  • No prior history of diagnosis or treatment of any cancer
  • No clinical or radiological suspicion of cancer at present

Top Five most common causes of cancer death in Men
During 2018-2020*

Lung 0
Prostate 0
Colorectal 0
Pancreas 0
Oesophagus 0
*Annual Statistical Report 2022
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A Revolutionary Blood Test To Detect Cancer Early, So That It Could Be Cured

A prescription blood test that can help detect cancers based on presence of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs), which are cancer cells that enter the blood stream.

Trucheck™ is designed for asymptomatic adult males and females, as a preventative measure to identify if there is early stage cancer present in their body.

Blood samples are evaluated for presence of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) which may be further analyzed to determine the organ or tissue of origin.

Screening is not available for all cancers. Where available, it may be an inconvenient procedure. Trucheck™ requires only a blood draw to detect underlying cancer.

Advantages of Trucheck™

Non-invasive, safe, convenient, and patient-friendly.

No need for hospitalization/visit to an advanced healthcare facility.

No inconveniences, and no procedural risks.

Can improve the early detection of cancers for which standard screening is available.

Can help early detection of cancers for which no screening is offered.

No exposure to radiation.


  • Men over 40 years of age
  • No suspicion of any other cancer clinically or radiologically at present
  • Totally asymptomatic at present
  • No prior history of diagnosis or treatment of any cancer

A positive Trucheck™ suggests detection of CTCs in the sample, suggesting a higher risk of cancer detection.

Trucheck™ is not intended to be and should not be considered as a replacement for any Standard of Care screening tests.

Within the limits of error, a ‘negative’ result is a reasonable indication of undetectable cancer of the type covered by the test. For other cancers not covered by the test, no inference should be drawn from a ‘negative’ result.

A ‘negative’ results means that at the time of the test there were no detectable cancer cells circulating in the blood.

As Trucheck™ is a non-invasive blood test, there is no disadvantage in frequent testing. However, we advise that Trucheck™ should be performed every 12 months in case of every negative result.

The test indicates the location for the select types of cancers with high accuracy, and in others the Tissue of Origin can be identified with reasonable accuracy. In all cases of ‘positive’ results, our Medical Director will create a personalised care pathway for you for further diagnostic procedures.

No, such individuals should seek expert medical advice without delay.

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