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Revolutionize Cancer Care

Certior and Datar Cancer Genetics is a leader in developing blood-based diagnostics that can detect cancer early, offer non-invasive investigations for better treatment options, and track the progression of the disease or its recurrence.

A Revolutionary Blood Test For Early Detection of Cancer

Cancer is a ticking time bomb globally. Every year about 18 million women and men are diagnosed with various cancers including carcinomas, sarcomas, neuroendocrine tumors, melanomas.

Trucheck™ is a blood test that can enable early detection of multiple cancers in asymptomatic individuals.

Cancer: Early-Stage Survival Rate % 0
Cancer: Late-Stage Survival Rate % 0

Our Early Cancer Screening Tests


Trucheck™ Intelli is a non-invasive blood test that can detect over 70+ cancers in asymptomatic individuals.

Essential Woman

Trucheck™ Essential Woman is a non-invasive blood test that can detect cancer in asymptomatic woman. For women over 40 years of age.

Essential Man

Trucheck™ Essential Man is a non-invasive blood test that can detect cancer in asymptomatic men. For men over 40 years of age.

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