We Know Cancer's Weakness

- Early Detection

Are you worried about your family’s history of cancer? Get peace of mind with Trucheck™ – the advanced non-invasive blood test that screens for over 70 different cancers!

A Revolutionary Blood Test For Early Detection of Cancer

Cancer is a ticking time bomb globally. Every year about 18 million women and men are diagnosed with various cancers including carcinomas, sarcomas, neuroendocrine tumors, melanomas.

Trucheck™ is a blood test that can enable early detection of multiple cancers in asymptomatic individuals.

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Cancer: Early-Stage Survival Rate % 0
Cancer: Late-Stage Survival Rate % 0

Our Cancer Solutions

Certior in collaboration with Datar Cancer Genetics has made it its business to offer solutions especially in advanced stages or for solid tumours that are difficult to treat. We have developed evidence-based testing procedures both in the field of therapy management and in cancer screening, below are the cancer screening and treatment solutions we offer.

About Datar Cancer Genetics (DCG)

Datar Cancer Genetics

Datar Genetics are a World-leading molecular oncology facility with a fully equipped laboratory, integrated process platforms, an in-house bioinformatics team, and a huge genetic database for precise and updated reporting. Internationally accredited onco-genomics organisation with 3 global lab facilities

Global footprint across USA, UK, India & Germany along with presence in over 40 countries


Trublood™ is a no-risk Biopsy. A Simple Blood Test for Cancer Diagnosis. It Could Save Your Life.

Trublood™ represents an advanced and innovative, minimally invasive test that offers valuable diagnostic insights into cancer through a safe, simple, and quick blood draw. Trublood™ was developed by Datar Cancer Genetics based on the results of several clinical studies and validated on more than 40,000 samples. These included samples from asymptomatic subjects undergoing screening tests such as mammograms, colonoscopies, PAP smears, serum CA markers and other clinical examinations, as well as more than 17,000 samples from patients with various cancers and patients with benign diseases.


CellDx™ - Advanced Tumor Profiling for Personalized Targeted Anti-cancer Treatments

CellDx™ is an intensive and in-depth tumor molecular profiling. It analyses millions of data points at the molecular level to reveal threats and vulnerabilities which enable optimal identification of targets for precision treatment selection. CellDx™ evaluates: Gene variants such as point mutations (SNV, Single-Nucleotide Variants), Insertions and Deletions, Translocations, Rearrangements and Fusions, Tumor Mutation Burden, Microsatellite instability, PDL1 status CellDx™ is agnostic to classical determinants such as primary organ, histological subtype, morphology (grade), aggressiveness and extent of disease.


Cancertrack - Liquid Biopsies - A Powerful Test For Better Management and Monitoring of Cancer Treatments

Cancertrack™ profiles molecular features in circulating tumor DNA and circulating tumor RNA and also evaluates ‘Circulating Tumor Cells’ (CTCs) to monitor the disease/recurrence or changes in the tumour characteristics, as often as necessary. Recurrences or disease progression can thus be detected as early as possible and therapy can be adjusted.

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